• 27-04-2018 • Encore Group, Packaging

    Paperboard – the packaging material of champions!

    Paperboard, the packaging material of champions There are so many materials available for packaging that it can be something of a minefield to decide what is best for you and your brand....

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  • 15-03-2018 • Packaging

    Packaging That Ticks All The Boxes

    Packaging that ticks all the boxes Packaging is no longer simply a functional outer layer. Each year we see new innovative designs, functions, shapes and materials, created to meet changing consumer needs...

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  • 02-02-2018 • Packaging

    Our Chosen Charity

    Encore’s chosen charity Last year, the team at Encore chose The North of England Children’s Cancer Research as its charity of the year, pledging to fundraise and support the cause throughout 2017....

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  • 19-01-2018 • Encore Group, Packaging

    BRC Accreditation

    Encore achieves AA grade following BRC audit  We’re pleased to announce that Encore Packaging has been awarded the BRC Global Standard’s highest grade, AA, following an extensive audit process. The BRC Global...

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  • 07-12-2017 • Packaging


    Encore pass with flying colours We’re pleased to announce that in October, Encore Packaging Solutions and Encore Envelopes underwent re-certification to ISO9001:2008, the globally recognised quality standard, and passed with flying colours!...

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  • 30-11-2017 • Packaging

    Branded Packaging

    The power of branded packaging According to the research agency, AcuPoll, 95% of new products introduced each year fail. New products are up against stiff competition from brands that have already established...

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  • 20-10-2017 • Encore Group, Packaging, Print

    BRC Global Standard

    Encore are feeling audit ready At Encore Packaging Solutions, our goal is to be audit ready, every day, all year round. That’s why, from the 19th-20th of December, we will be putting...

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  • 20-09-2017 • Envelopes, Packaging

    Custom Envelopes

    Advantages of custom designed envelopes Envelopes are often overlooked as a method of brand promotion. It’s worth asking yourself, have you ever spent time and money designing great promotional material, only to...

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  • 11-08-2017 • Packaging

    Packaging Fails

    Packaging fails you don’t want to get wrapped up in  You may, or may not, be aware that August 7th is dedicated to Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day. As we pride ourselves on...

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  • 27-07-2017 • Packaging

    Stand Out From The Crowd

    How can packaging differentiate your brand from the competition?  In a highly competitive, modern market, introducing a new brand to the scene can be a difficult and risky task. Unless your product...

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