08-04-2020 • Encore Group, Envelopes

Standing out from the crowd

We’re pleased to announce the launch of some exciting new services from Encore Envelopes – embossing and UV technology!


We have invested in a state-of-the-art inline embossing unit at our Washington site, which allows envelopes to be printed with all-over patterns. This enables us to either emboss images in register or to create an all-over embossed pattern which, when printed, makes the envelope stand out so much more.


We’ve also been running some successful tests with UV LED technology to offer our customers a variety of new coatings, such as spot hi-gloss, matt, soft touch and textured finishes.


The aim of both of these innovative approaches is the same as always – to make an envelope that looks or feels so different, which will increase the opening and response rates from customers.


We are currently the only company in the UK to invest in this latest innovation, as we pride ourselves on trying new ideas and concepts – we are always looking to keep raising the bar for what we produce and therefore challenging our competitors. We believe that we must continue to find and offer our customers new ideas for what they can do to enhance their mailings.


Some of our customers have already seen examples of how the embossed envelopes look, and, like us, they’ve been excited by the possibilities.


Different textures and finishes are a real bonus for direct mail; if something stands out when it lands on a doormat, the chances of it being noticed and therefore opened are massively increased.


Many of our transactional mail clients are also showing an interest in the new technology; having their envelopes embossed with their logo or name is a brilliant way to raise awareness of a brand or company.


In all, we have been working on this project for 18 months to make sure everything works correctly and delivers the high quality we wanted, and we’re delighted to finally be able to share it with our clients.


The Encore Group Managing Director Russell Croisdale said: “Encore has always had a reputation for being innovative and this continues that tradition. We are not afraid to try new ideas and concepts – we are always looking to keep raising the bar for what we produce and therefore challenging our competitors.”

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