09-12-2019 • Packaging

Ted’s Holidays

Ted’s travels


In August, we introduced you to Ted, our furry friend who has been out and about, getting to know our staff members and customers.


As we mentioned, he loves nothing more than a holiday, whether that be in the sun with a cocktail, sightseeing on a city break or having some down time on a staycation.


Ted has spent the Summer globetrotting and we have finally managed to pin him down so that he could finish his scrapbook!


Over the past couple of months, Ted has visited five countries (including three US states), had six staycations in all corners of the UK, admired 48 landmarks and drank approximately 392 cocktails (he wasn’t sure of the exact amount)!



His adventure has only just begun! Keep an eye out for Ted’s updates and if you see him while on your travels, don’t forget to tag us in your posts using #TedOnTour.


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Would you like to take Ted on holiday with you? Please email so that we can arrange his trip.


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