27-09-2019 • Encore Group, Packaging

What’s your colour?

How does colour affect your brand identity?

The psychology of colour is one of the most interesting aspects of marketing, but it is an often overlooked area of design. The way in which a brand utilises colour can literally be the difference between sickness and health (green). With that in mind, and a solid understanding of your brand’s personality, choosing the right colour for your packaging and envelopes should be a rational, informed decision, rather than a whimsical preference.

Studies have shown that 90% of snap judgements from consumers can be based on colour alone, so taking this enormous statistic into account, have you thought about the colours of your packaging and envelopes?

On a simple level, the colours on the warm side of the spectrum – such as red and yellow – are bold, exciting and energetic, while their cooler counterparts, blue and green, exude calmness, trust and feel more reserved.

This is particularly relevant when it comes to branding. On an emotional level, in terms of how consumers feel when they look at it; but also, on a practical level, in terms of market standout.

Brands such as Coca Cola and Virgin use red to be considered as powerful and exciting companies. The colour has been shown to reduce analytical thinking.

The colour green is the easiest on our eyes because it requires no adjustment when it hits the retina, Starbucks use it to portray themselves as peaceful and environmentally friendly as it can also represent nature and safety.

Yellow is used to imply a happy, fun experience – so it’s clear to see why this is used by both McDonalds and IKEA – and is also the most visible colour in daylight. It has been shown to increase metabolism and can lift self-esteem.

The NHS and Facebook use blue which exudes trust, strength and communication. Often seen as a sign of stability and reliability, it has been shown that workers are more productive in blue rooms.

Brands such as Cadburys use purple to imply creativity and wisdom. It is the colour of royalty and bravery, and connotes wealth, luxury, and sophistication.

Grey is used by the likes of Apple to portray sophistication and calmness. It has a profound effect on the colours around it, working both to balance tones and establish negative space in lieu of white.

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