16-09-2019 • Encore Group, Packaging

Stand Out

Make your product stand out on the shelf

 When searching for the right product, a consumer is often faced with an abundance of options.

How can you convey that yours is the best in a sea of branding? Read our top tips below:

Keep it simple

Don’t oversell your product through its packaging. It is worth considering designs that are interesting and attractive without overwhelming your consumers.


When a buyer is shopping for a product, they want to make a choice that is satisfying but also fit for purpose. If the design of your packaging is ‘clean’ and informative customers are more likely to be motivated to purchase what’s inside.

Be different

It is possible to think outside of the box and be professional. From choosing colours that are seasonal and stand out on the shelf to choosing a font that catches the consumer’s eye, being distinctly different can be positive if approached correctly.


If you’re considering trying something different, our pre-press and Computer Aided Design (CAD) team will always be on hand to help you to design a very specific and bespoke piece of packaging, unique to your company’s brand.


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