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Invest in Direct Mail

Why is direct mail worth investing in?


In a world where everything seems to be presented in a digital format, it would be easy to believe that the use of direct mail is outdated and boring.


A message encased in an envelope is still a great way to reach your audience and appeal to them on a personalised level. In fact, in the increasingly digital age, the direct mail customer response rate continues to increase and is currently at just under 50 per cent.


Most people tune out of advertisements they regularly see online, which is why global brands such as Amazon and Tesco are investing in direct mail. We get so used to seeing the same advert that it turns into ‘just noise’, so using another medium to catch attention is necessary. Both of the retail giants added direct mail to their marketing mix, instead of maintaining a large, generic image, their goals were to target specific shoppers and earn their trust. Much of this can be done through direct, customised approaches which can appeal to specific consumers.


Tesco used direct mail and its Clubcard scheme to send shoppers personalised offers and information. The consequent financial return is a testament to the power of direct mail.


If you’ve wondered why mixing up your marketing strategy could be a great next step, let us run you through just some of the advantages…


Work in tandem

Introducing direct mail into your marketing strategy doesn’t mean abandoning the online world altogether – have you considered sending out an envelope that contains a digital call to action?



Although there is no automatic way to track the response rates of direct mail, there are simple tactics you can use to track how a consumer got to your digital platforms. For example, QR Codes aren’t just great for packaging – what’s stopping you printing one on an envelope?



80 per cent of recipients scan direct mail before throwing it away – could you take advantage of a situation where undivided attention is required? People are often inclined to pay attention for fear of missing something important whereas it’s easy to move something to junk in an email inbox.


If you want to take advantage of the many benefits direct mail can bring:

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