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Packaging Function

Packaging and its function

 The packaging of a product is important in more ways than one. If you’ve ever wondered what its main functions are, this blog is for you. We’ve even added in some handy tips along the way.


If products are packaged in boxes and containers that stand out from the crowd, different brands can be distinguished from one another within a couple of seconds.

Tip: If your brand colours are bright and vibrant, it might be an idea to use them to your advantage in packaging design.


The protection of a product during transport, distribution and sale is essential – if an item is damaged, dirty, damp or broken, it won’t be something a customer will want to purchase.

Tip: A product that is heavy requires packaging that is sturdy and durable, but if it’s a light item that doesn’t require much protection it might be a great opportunity to use environmentally friendly materials that can be recycled or reused.


Packaging is a great opportunity to say a great deal within a small space. The use of graphics as an alternative to large chunks of text make a product attractive as well as informative.

Tip: Do you have a mascot that you use in your branding? Especially with children’s products, displaying these on packaging is a great way to grab attention.


Arguably one of the most important functions, the convenience of an item being ready packaged makes it easy to buy, store and consume.

Tip: The more environmentally friendly you can be, the better. Sustainability is high on the government’s agenda and if you can show that your business has thought things through, your brand is likely to be favoured.


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