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Bespoke Envelopes

Get your envelopes noticed

 In a country where an average of 14 billion letters are sorted and delivered each year, it’s easy for envelopes to get lost in the crowd.

Whether you’re sending a bank statement, or an envelope packed with campaign material, the use of colour, texture and imagery can help engage you recipients and encourage them to act.

So, how can your envelopes get noticed?


Maximise space

An envelope offers the chance to promote your brand and up-sell products through a form of marketing that is likely to travel 10s of miles before it even reaches the intended recipient – who could you be targeting along the way?


Break away from the norm

Experimenting with envelope design can be exciting. There’s a wide variety of shapes and sizes to choose from, not to mention all the colours of the rainbow.


Connect with the consumer

An envelope is a great opportunity to combine physical and digital communications. QR Codes have become hugely popular, especially with millennial’s. Recipients can physically see and feel a message while also using the technology they’ve come to know and love.


Here at Encore we’re experts at bringing your ideas to life on paper.


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