21-01-2019 • Packaging

Why Mail ?

Why mail?

It’s widely known that paper is made from wood, a natural and renewable resource. Paper is in fact one of the most sustainable products available, making it the perfect material for high volume products such as envelopes which can be used for bills, marketing etc.

While electronic forms of communication might be perceived as more green, they actually have considerable environmental impacts.

An electronic marketing asset needs a device in order to be used, meaning that power is required to make it available each time someone wants it. But, once a piece of marketing material has been printed, it requires no further energy to remain present; it can continue to be read, shared and promote a brand’s message.

Many consumers value paper-based communication, in fact according to research conducted by Keep Me Posted UK, 84 per cent of people do not like it when companies take away their right to choose how they are communicated with.

Here are some other key facts: 60 per cent of people would not choose a company that doesn’t offer a paper bill

  • 84 per cent of people believe they understand and retain information better when they read print on paper
  • 87 per cent of consumers believe companies that want to move towards electronic communications, are only doing so to save money
  • Around 41million tonnes of e-waste (computers, smart phones etc.) are generated by the electronics industry each year
  • For those concerned about deforestation, worry not! European forests have been growing by over 1,500 football pitches every day.


Printed communications enable you to share your brand in a way that research has shown consumers perceive value in and which are proven to be sustainable.

 Here at Encore Envelopes, we have considerable expertise in bringing your designs to life on paper. Whether you are looking for a one-off seasonal campaign or an ongoing high volume corporate project, our state of the art machinery and knowledgeable team are perfectly placed to help.


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