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New Year

New Year, New Packaging

 The New Year is a great opportunity to refresh your marketing strategy, and what better way than to give your product packaging a well-deserved overhaul? Packaging is one of the most important aspects of marketing a product and is crucial in making both a physical and psychological connection with your audience, so it’s worth committing time to making it just right.


The planning process is where our Computer Aided Design (CAD) team come in. Considering variables such as transport method and shelf placement, they can help you decide what materials would be best and mock up designs to give you an idea of how your finished product will look. It is also worth considering the design aspect of your packaging; will the words wrap round edges and be shortened (with a potentially rude or awkward result!), or would images match up uncomfortably when separate boxes are pushed together? The planning stage of the process is where all these things can be reviewed.


Overselling a product through its packaging can be a major pitfall during redesign. Don’t forget, the best products speak for themselves and are attractive on the shelf – think Apple products and the iconic Amazon smile.


Investigating your end users can help to design the most eye-catching and appropriate of containers, while also making sure your company stands out from competitors. Creating a positive brand image is also one of the first steps in gaining (and keeping) customers.


This year, sustainability of packaging is high on the government’s agenda and many consumers are conscious of how the products that they buy are connected to environmental issues. Eco-friendly or recyclable packaging can boost sales in the modern-day market.


Packaging must not only look good, but also protect the product within it. This is especially important for food and drink items to avoid them perishing during transport, and it’s worth considering that slow-moving consumer goods might take a long time to reach their final destination and therefore must withstand the elements.


From an operational point of view, before the packaging even reaches the consumer, it is important that it is practical for your team to handle, e.g. is it easy to move empty packaging around within a warehouse? It is also worth examining where fixings and glued flaps lie within the design, ensuring that when products are placed inside, the weight and pressure can be withstood.


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