19-12-2018 • Encore Group, Packaging

Seasonal Packaging

Planning your 2019 packaging

 Going into the New Year, it’s important to have a strategy, whatever industry you’re in.

Packaging can be an incredibly powerful tool for brand development and image, so it’s worth considering with your wider marketing strategy.

Seasonal packaging is the easiest way to grab audience attention when it really matters; Christmas is a great example of this, with the season being responsible for 30 per cent of total annual sales.

Consumers often form their impression of a brand in just seven seconds, so positive brand image is crucial for conversion.

Early in the year, Valentine’s Day creates the opportunity for special packaging design; did you know that the day is the fourth largest spending holiday? It’s worth paying some extra attention to your products to make sure yours is the one picked up from the shelf.

While Easter has a very traditional significance in the calendar, for a lot of people it’s also about copious amounts of chocolate. When Easter eggs fill the shelves in the Spring, will yours leave a lasting impression?

Whatever your style, seasonal or not, our pre-press and Computer Aided Design (CAD) team will always be on hand to help.

Considering variables such as transport method and shelf placement, our team can make informed suggestions on what materials would be best. Once these requirements have been determined, we can create mock up designs to give you an idea of how your finished product will look, ensuring it will be something you and your customers will love.


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