26-11-2018 • Encore Group, Envelopes

Direct Mail


The psychology of direct mail


Most businesses think that direct mail is straightforward; you send your offer to someone and hope they respond. Research has shown that psychology, the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, can affect behaviour in different contexts and in this case, direct mail marketing.


It is important to understand all the advantages of direct mail so that you can utilise it to your business’ advantage, creating brand awareness while also sharing your key messages.



When reading mail, consumers absorb its messages subconsciously through a faster, intuitive part of the brain which can have a positive effect on decision making.



Audiences have been shown to react differently to brands when they add mail to the marketing mix. In fact, studies have shown that when mail is grouped with TV and email tactics, the effectiveness of all three mediums increases.



Direct mail activates the areas of the brain that are responsible for long-term memory more strongly than digital; according to research by Royal Mail Market Reach, direct mail has higher ratings of emotional intensity and long-term memory encoding than any other form of marketing alone. Will you make a lasting impression?



Psychological research has shown that people value something 24 per cent more when they can see and touch it, rather than read it on a digital screen.


Envelopes are a critical part of a direct mail campaign, and here at Encore we believe that they can be incredibly powerful. Our quality manufacturing, paired with industry leading customer service, means there is no better choice of provider to bring your brand to life.


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