07-11-2018 • Encore Group, Packaging


World Quality Day

Celebrated every year around the world during the month of November, World Quality Day is designed to increase awareness of the important contribution that quality makes within a business, and how it can impact prosperity.

For 2018, the theme was ‘Quality: A question of trust’ and here at Encore, we make sure we commit to quality all year round.

Quality manufacturing

Throughout any project, you will require the support of production specialists, state of the art equipment and cutting-edge production techniques; we have all three. Due to our policy of Continuous Strategic Investment, a high percentage of our major production assets are less than two years old, ensuring a quality manufacturing process for any project.

Quality products

It’s simple, quality products achieve quality results. We do not believe in half jobs, we have one standard of work – exemplary – and we will never deliver anything less. If a clients’ requirements cannot be precisely met, we will always offer an alternative solution which will match or even surpass the customer’s original expectations.

Quality customer service

Customer service is a huge part of our ethos and we never lose sight that the customer is king. Our clients are always delighted with the service they receive, and we strongly believe that our industry skill would be insignificant without our brilliant team.

Quality commitment

We approach our impact on the environment with realism and responsibility. Our waste is kept to an absolute minimum and 100 per cent of any waste that we do generate, we recycle. Commitment to the waste hierarchy principle is of key importance to us, and our waste reduction efforts start right at the beginning, during the material purchasing process.


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