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Build Your Brand

Building your brand through packaging


Packaging has more functions than just protecting and selling a product; it is a crucial component of building your brand’s image and identity. Offering a huge opportunity for creating a positive brand image, the powerful nature of packaging tells customers why your product and brand are different from the rest.


The word ‘brand’ is derived from the Old Norse brand meaning ‘to burn’, referring to the practice of producers burning their mark (or brand) onto their products; it was a significant practice in history and remains so in the modern marketplace.


Brand identity is important, particularly if your product or brand is a leader in the industry. The design of the packaging should reflect its position in the market; high quality design and unique materials are the first steps to engaging users and differentiating the brand from competitors in a very busy market. This is where working with a packaging expert can really set you apart from your competitors.


Making packaging a part of the brand experience can also impact brand image – think Coca Cola’s Share a Coke campaign or Marmite’s personalised jars. Simple personalisation techniques, even with a drop of colour, can motivate consumers to share their experiences with other individuals, in person or through social media channels.


Packaging offers a unique opportunity for businesses to influence the end user and their brand perceptions. Speak with us about how we can use shape, opening styles and materials to give your product the very best platform to communicate everything you need to. And if you need something bespoke, let our CAD Team help.


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