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Food For Thought

Food for thought

Due to a recent focus around sustainability in the packaging world, it’s easy to forget why packaging itself is so important. Particularly in the food and drink industry, packaging maintains the benefits of food processing after the manufacturing process is complete.

With that in mind, what are the roles of food packaging and how can yours be ‘done right’?

Protection and preservation

 From reducing product deterioration to retaining the benefits of processing and extending shelf-life, good quality packaging is key in maintaining safety and standard of food. Protecting food from the following contaminants is of core importance:

Chemical: Typically from moisture and light, it is important that there is a barrier to maintain quality.

Biological: Usually from microorganisms. Quality packaging helps to keep the environment within the package consistent, protecting the product.

Physical: Proper physical protection shields the product from damage that could occur during transport and distribution, including impact and abrasion.


Containment and food waste reduction

Assessment of packaging within the food and drink industry must not only consider the impact on the environment, but also the positive effect on food waste reduction. By extending the shelf-life of foods, quality packaging contributes to reducing food waste.

Marketing and information

What first impression do you want your packaging to give? It may be designed to enhance the image of the product but should also differentiate it from the competition. As well as selling the contents, the information must be accurate and satisfy legal requirements. If you’re not sure how to make sure your packaging is compliant, have a read of our previous blog.


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