23-08-2018 • Envelopes

Envelopes With Results

Envelopes with results

Today, as thousands of envelopes are opened across the country, the Encore values of striving for excellence and pushing the boundaries of possibility have never been more relevant.

Whether it contains GCSE results for students, or direct mail from your business, from the moment that an envelope reaches its intended recipient it begins to represent something more than paper, colours and substrates. The contents are often the result of months of hard work, careful planning and creativity– so why would you put any less thought into how you deliver them?

Brands, much like exams, typically require the collection and distribution of large quantities of information. We believe that envelopes should hold moments like this, preserving them in transit and delivering them safely. They are responsible for first impressions and offer a promise of what is to come.

A bespoke envelope can be tailored to virtually any purpose that your business might require, from the plain envelopes that house students’ grades today, to the more abstract, creative and eye-catching.

Overall, envelopes are sometimes brushed off as a means to an end- but if you ask us, or indeed any GCSE student, you’ll realise that they can be incredibly powerful!


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