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Packaging For Export

Packaging for export

Branching out into the export market is an exciting adventure but, there are many things to consider to ensure the integrity of your product and brand are maintained.

Once you have undertaken the appropriate market research, developed an export plan and arranged contracts and routes to market, you need to consider how your product should be packaged.

Different countries will require different declarations and details to be included on packaging, especially where food is concerned. While in the UK we adhere to a specific set of rules, these don’t apply everywhere else and it is important to seek advice to ensure you are compliant.

If you need to translate your product detail into a different language, use a reputable translation house. Certain expressions can have a very different meaning if they are translated literally and can even be offensive. Avoid embarrassment by working with a trusted partner who understands these cultural nuances.

The Department of International Trade has a wealth of useful information available on its website and there are dedicated advisers for regions across the UK who are on hand to help.

Once you have your packaging compliant and approved, we are here to assist with producing it. Our expertise spans a number of industries and we are BRC accredited (AA), making us the perfect partner for food and drink businesses.


If you need advice on materials, sizes or even bespoke shapes, we can help.


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