01-08-2018 • Encore Group, Packaging

Get Creative!

Getting creative with Board

When you’re working on your packaging design, you need to know what the parameters are.

Our experienced team can make recommendations in terms of substrates, fastenings, the use of windows, and many other variables. But they can also help you to design a very specific and bespoke piece of packaging, unique to you.

If you have something brand new, something that isn’t just ‘off the shelf’ and requires more thought than the traditional six-sided box, our pre-press and CAD (computer aided design) team comes to the rescue.

We take the time to understand things such as how the product will be transported and stored, the temperature conditions it will be subjected to, and how it will be handled in storage, on shelf and by the consumer. Our expert team can then make informed suggestions in terms of what materials would be most appropriate and begin to look at the physical structure of the packaging.

Once we have determined these requirements, our team can create mock up packaging to give you an idea of how the finished product might look. This is a plain template, great for testing out in-box trays, case sizes and for mocking up with in-house artwork to see how the final design will look on shelf.

After these tests have been carried out, our team provide a ‘cutter guide’ so that your design team can set up the artwork ready for your packaging to be sent to print.


And then all you need to do, is wait for your fantastic new packaging to arrive!


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