17-07-2018 • Encore Group

“Two Sides”

Encore’s ‘two sides’ of the story

 Print remains one of the most powerful and sustainable forms of communication. Despite this, paper is often viewed as a wasteful product when in fact, it is one of the most recycled products in the world.

We aim to communicate with integrity on all environmental matters, and so have partnered with the Two Sides Project to promote the sustainable nature of paper and debunk the environmental misconceptions surrounding paper waste.

The Two Sides mission is to ensure, in a world of limited resources, that paper’s unique recyclable and renewable qualities can be enjoyed for generations to come.

The project is integral to ensuring print and paper remain an adaptable, effective and influential means of marketing and communication; actively making a change in perceptions of the graphic communications supply chain with multiple campaigns.

The Anti-Greenwash campaign finds and challenges organisations using environmental claims about the use of paper to mislead consumers. To date, 70 per cent of those organisations engaged by Two Sides have changed or removed misleading messages.

The Love Paper campaign is also making a huge difference, educating millions of people on the positive environmental story behind print and paper. This resulted in a 2016 survey showing a 50 per cent increase in UK consumer recognition of the environmental friendliness of printed newspapers.

We strive to deliver our products in the most sustainable way possible and we are continuously searching for new solutions and ideas that will reduce our impact on the environment.


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