02-07-2018 • Packaging

Cartoon Character Packaging

Cartoon Character packaging – is it too sweet?


Issues around packaging are often in the news. Whether that’s product recalls due to incorrect data, the move towards recyclable packaging in an effort to be more green, and more recently views on how the nutritional declaration on some food packaging may be unrealistic as it is based on a portion size much smaller than would typically be consumed.

There was a huge shift in the packaging industry when cigarette packaging became regulated and branding was removed in an effort to reduce any glamour and eye-catching designs.

And now, there are calls for cartoon characters to be removed from high sugar children’s foods.

There is already regulation in place to prevent snacks and foods high in sugar from being marketed to children, but a recent Australian study found that, of 40 cereals tested, 31 contained ‘high levels of sugar’. With a high focus on childhood obesity and the rise of type two diabetes, it’s not surprising that there are calls for change.

Whether or not the changes go ahead, Encore Packaging can help to bring your brand to life. With BRC accreditation, production specialists, state of the art equipment, cutting edge production techniques and the best customer service in the industry, we’re here to make your packaging sing.


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