05-06-2018 • Envelopes

A Very Large Letter

A ‘very large letter’

It was in the press over the weekend, that in a meeting between a senior North Korean envoy and President Trump, Trump was presented with an enormous envelope, purportedly containing a letter from Kim Jong Un in anticipation of the forthcoming nuclear disarmament summit.

There was much speculation as to the content of the letter – why was the envelope so large? Why did Trump hold it in such a bizarre way? Did it contain anything suspect?

Whilst for now the letter itself remains a mystery, it’s interesting to know that even in this vastly digital world, there is an element of nostalgia to high-level diplomatic communications.

Typically, letters to ambassadors, for example letters of credence, letters patent and note verbales, are delivered as a hard copy within a large envelope or folder. One might expect the advent of email to have replaced this perhaps archaic tradition, but it remains a steadfast practice.

There are many styles relating to diplomatic correspondence including salutation, paper colour and sign off, but notably – the letters are almost never folded.

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