27-04-2018 • Encore Group, Packaging

Paperboard – the packaging material of champions!

Paperboard, the packaging material of champions

There are so many materials available for packaging that it can be something of a minefield to decide what is best for you and your brand.

We know that consumers are becoming ever more socially conscious, with new headlines cropping up in the press everyday regarding the negative effects of plastic and non-recyclable packaging on the planet.

However, your product still needs packaging, and it also needs to satisfy a number of criteria:

  • Eye-catching on the retail shelf
  • Consistent with brand identity
  • Commercially viable
  • Ethical

So, what is best option to take when choosing your packaging material?


Here at Encore Packaging we are advocates of paperboard packaging. It’s easy from a technical point of view to make paperboard packaging bright, vibrant and eye-catching. The material lends itself to being shaped, folded and manipulated into all sorts of creative shapes and designs. With paperboard it is possible to achieve several different opening / closing designs with relative ease- something that is in greater demand as consumer trends shift towards convenience.

From a retailer perspective, paperboard is easy to handle and ideal for merchandising. It is practical to stack and position attractively on the shelf and simple for retailers to break down for recycling processing.

Paperboard is also a greener option than many other materials. In fact, it has better recycling statistics than almost any other material in common use. It is renewable since it is made from wood fibre, which is replaced at a greater volume than which it is used and of course, this makes it sustainable.


Does paperboard sound like the ideal solution for you? If you’d like to discuss your packaging needs, we’d love to hear from you. You can call us on 0191 518 6850 or see for more information.

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