15-03-2018 • Packaging

Packaging That Ticks All The Boxes

Packaging that ticks all the boxes

Packaging is no longer simply a functional outer layer. Each year we see new innovative designs, functions, shapes and materials, created to meet changing consumer needs and market trends.

Before starting your packaging design, you need to consider what it will need to help you reach your targeted audience and achieve your end goal.

You need to ask yourself, does your packaging tick all of the boxes?



A strong brand is easily recognisable. It stands out from its competitors and catches consumers’ eye.

Packaging should be consistent with your brand; the font, the colour palette, the tone of voice, the logo, the type of material. This is what builds brand equity, what someone loyal to your company will be looking for. You wouldn’t package diamonds in a low-grade plastic bag. Equally, you wouldn’t use luxury, embossed board to package a value/essential range.

Finding the right, consistent identity for your product is essential.


Social Responsibility

Globally, we are becoming increasingly concerned with sustainability and the effect our habits are having on the environment.

We see almost daily reports of animals suffering as a result of the volume of plastic that ends up in our oceans. People are much more socially aware and can be willing to pay more for a product with recyclable packaging.

It’s worth considering whether your packaging is recyclable, and how easy this is to do. Many consumers actively seek products with recyclable packaging, in fact some of the major retailers are pledging to becoming plastic free over the next decade.


Fit for purpose

Many of you will have seen the ‘name and shame’ posts on social media, where companies have sent a product to a consumer in completely inadequate or over-the-top packaging. Whilst you want your product to arrive in optimum condition, this relates back to social responsibility; socially conscious consumers won’t thank you for sending a single nail polish in an enormous box!


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