18-12-2017 • Envelopes

Branded Direct Mail

The benefits of sending out branded direct mail at Christmas time

Christmas is the perfect time to use your brand to spread festive cheer, and in turn, attract the attention of your consumers. So many companies incorporate Christmas into their marketing strategies, that if your business doesn’t get on board, you risk being left behind.

So, what is the best method to reach consumers at Christmas time? We believe it could be branded direct mail, and here’s why:

It’s highly targeted

Using direct mail is a great way to target a specific audience, who could be long-serving, loyal customers who deserve your gratitude in the festive period, or, they could be new prospective customers that could be won over by the thoughtful gesture. In turn, this allows you to target the content of the mail to the relevant consumers. Your mail could simply include a message of festive goodwill, to show your brand in a positive light, or it could include targeted festive offers – whatever you feel will make the best impact on your intended audience.

 It can be personal

One of the most effective benefits of direct mail is stated in the name – it’s direct. This allows for your mail to be personal and make your targeted audience feel special, especially in the Christmas period. A Christmas wish will seem more sincere if it’s addressed directly to the potential customer, rather than ‘to the occupier.’

It’s traditional

Christmas is a time for traditions, and there’s isn’t a more traditional method of message sharing than with a physical, posted letter. Email can be an efficient way to spread a message, but many customers remain sceptical about receiving online marketing methods due to online scams, and they can appear less thoughtful and like less effort has been made. Also, not all consumers will have email addresses, whereas it’s unlikely that your target audience won’t have a residence.

It’s tangible

By delivering a physical, direct piece of mail, your message is virtually guaranteed to be picked up by your consumer. It’s also more likely to be read than an email, which could end up in a junk or spam folder, or deleted without a second thought. Lastly, as your consumer can physically touch your mail, they’re more likely to take its contents as reliable.


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