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Branded Packaging

The power of branded packaging

According to the research agency, AcuPoll, 95% of new products introduced each year fail. New products are up against stiff competition from brands that have already established themselves as leaders in the ever-growing market. So, besides from the quality of the product itself, what can help new brands stand against this competition? We believe branded packaging is the answer and here’s why:

Packaging makes a product recognisable and memorable

Is there a big brand on the market that doesn’t have recognisable packaging? Most big-name brands have picked packaging which is designed to be attractive or unique and will continue to stick with it to ensure they have a memorable, consistent brand identity in the eyes of the consumer. A great example is the sleek purple packaging of Cadbury that appears on all of its products. It’s a simple but effective design and has been around for so long that it’s always going to be recognisable on the retail shelves.

Shelf appeal

Branded packaging can be used to make even the most ordinary everyday household items appear eye-catching. If there are many different brands of the same product, for example, a detergent, then packaging that is bright and eye-catching will make the detergent stand out in the sea of competition and customers will be more inclined to choose it. With a product that is to be marketed in retail, shelf appeal will really help with spontaneous buyers and over time, loyal customers.

Create a demand

A perk of having recognisable, memorable packaging is that a demand is created for the product. A great example of this is the brand Tiffany & Co. that has distinctive blue gift boxes, which have become iconic in the jewellery market. People now associate the blue gift box with the brand and in turn, luxury, so this has created a demand for the products themselves. If packaging becomes iconic, so will the product.

Brand extension

Branded packaging is a great opportunity for a Company to extend its values to its product. For example, if a Company and the product is fun, lively and aimed at the younger generation, packaging designed with cartoons and bright colours would communicate this to the consumer. Likewise, with Tiffany & Co. its luxury packaging is an extension of its luxury jewellery and brand.


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