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BRC Global Standard

Encore are feeling audit ready

At Encore Packaging Solutions, our goal is to be audit ready, every day, all year round. That’s why, from the 19th-20th of December, we will be putting our services to the test as we undergo the first of our BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials audits, in our mission to be recognised in the ‘high hygiene’ category.

The BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials is the first Packaging Standard to be recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative benchmarking committee, with some of the most highly trained auditors in the industry.

For Encore, this certification will not only be a great achievement that we can be proud of, it will also be practical, as it will grant us the Packaging Standard required to produce packaging for direct food contact and will in turn widen our potential market by allowing us to move into the food sector.

As we will be audited once a year from December, we hope to work our way up to a AA certification (in a grading system of DD, CC, BB, AA) over the coming 3-5 years, which will be ultimately achieved through unannounced future audits.

Check back in the upcoming months to read more about the procedures involved and most importantly, the outcome of our December audit!


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