20-09-2017 • Envelopes, Packaging

Custom Envelopes

Advantages of custom designed envelopes

Envelopes are often overlooked as a method of brand promotion.

It’s worth asking yourself, have you ever spent time and money designing great promotional material, only to send it out in a plain envelope which says nothing about your Company or brand?

An envelope could be the first point of brand contact for your customer, so here’s how you can use it to your advantage.


Make your envelope a unique size

If your envelopes are the same standard size that every company is sending out, they’re likely to get lost in the crowd. If you want your envelope to make an impression when the post arrives, it could be beneficial to choose a design that’s differs from the norm by choosing one of our 1200 bespoke cutters.


Use a bold colour or design

Colour is also an aspect of an envelope that could draw the attention of your potential consumers. If your envelope is bright red, compared to the mass of brown and white letters on the door mat, there’s more chance it will attract a customer’s attention. There’s no reason why an envelope can’t be patterned or decorated to effectively display your brand, as being unique will see your brand come out on top.


Use high quality paper

Using an envelope made of premium paper will show your brand is one to be taken seriously. If you want to promote a high-quality product, there’s no better way to do this than with premium materials. It will also make your mail stand out against the standard brown-paper envelopes in the pile.


Promote your brand’s tone

Have a bold, extravagant brand? Have a minimalistic brand that needs to ooze luxury? Envelopes are a great opportunity to package up information about your brand in a way that expresses the tone you want to portray.


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