27-07-2017 • Packaging

Stand Out From The Crowd

How can packaging differentiate your brand from the competition?

 In a highly competitive, modern market, introducing a new brand to the scene can be a difficult and risky task.

Unless your product is 100% unique and set to revolutionise the industry, chances are there are others lining the retail shelves, ready to be your direct competition.

This is where using the right packaging can create the all-important brand identity needed to stand out from the crowd.

Image building

Packaging is the first point of contact a consumer will have with a product, so it’s vital the intended first impression is given. From the product name and logo design, to the packaging colour and materials used, each characteristic contributes to the products shelf image. It’s this shelf image that will gain the product instant recognition among consumers and make it stand out from others around it.

 Appeal to your target audience

Packaging is another layer to a product that can be used to appeal to the intended target audience. If your wine bottle is brightly coloured and covered in cartoon characters, it can’t be expected to appeal to the sophisticated consumer who associates a minimalistic design with a good quality wine. The way a product is presented can help it reach out to the niche market it requires and appeal to the consumers most likely to make a purchase.

 Get noticed

In your generic supermarket, it can be expected there will be a selection of the same product type. So how do you differentiate your product from the other ten on the same shelf? Using a unique shape, design, font or colour can get a product noticed. Research is key to assessing what is already available on the market and making sure your product doesn’t end up a carbon copy.

 Be remembered

In the same principle of getting your product noticed, a unique design and theme can determine whether your product is remembered by the consumer or left to sink to the back of their minds. If your packaging stands out from the crowd, your product will continue to do so, and the recognition will have consumers coming back for more.

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