21-07-2017 • Packaging

‘Modern’ Packaging

Attracting Modern Consumers Through Packaging Design

 It’s fair to say we live in a consumer culture where the appearance of a product can be as important as the product itself.

In a tech-savvy world, where people can buy whatever they like online at the click of a button, it’s important that packaging design stays current and appealing to stand out from the ever-growing list of competition.

So how can you ensure your packaging design keeps turning the heads of modern consumers?


Added value

In the modern world, everything seems to be promising extra. A packet of crisps is no longer just a packet of crisps, it’s also a bowl (Walkers Tear ‘n’ Share Crisps). A pizza box is no longer just for pizza, it can be a film projector (Pizza Hut ‘Blockbuster Box’). Consumers want more for their money and are constantly seeking something different. If your packaging can promise something a little bit out of the ordinary, it will stand out in the crowded industry.



On the opposite end of the scale, it appears minimal packaging is also appealing to the current consumers. Sleek, simple designs with pastel or neutral tones are constantly attracting the modern customers’ eye. Sometimes all a product needs is an interesting font on a plain canvas to give it that luxurious look.


Personalised and bespoke

In the modern world, a personal touch can make all the difference. Coca Cola and Nutella are just a few of the brands to have taken the personalised approach. Giving a customer the chance to put their stamp on your product can give it the ‘collectable factor’. Want to see your product all over social media? Make it personalised.



The modern world is no longer restricted by stereotypes and social norms. To appeal to the millennials, packaging should be forward thinking, that means neither ultra feminine nor ultra masculine. It’s time to stop using hot pink for your female consumers or deep blue for men and embrace the modern world.

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