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Organisers enveloped in scandal….

Organisers enveloped in scandal following Oscars 2017

 I’m sure you’ve heard the story by now, but if you haven’t, La La Land was mistakenly announced as the winner for Best Picture at this year’s Oscars because of a mix-up with the envelopes.

Some might call this a harmless mistake, but the implications for the Oscars’ organisational partner PwC have been close to catastrophic.

The company is reportedly in crisis meetings with the Academy over the future of their relationship; PwC has been the official partner of the Oscars for 83 years, but now that responsibility is in danger of being passed on to another.

The affair has been quite the blow to PwC’s reputation, and one that could have been easily averted with a number of simple and affordable solutions to help distracted employees differentiate one envelope from the next.

Brighter or bolder text

It may seem an obvious solution, but the impact of colour, size and style of printed text could have improved the readability of the envelope. Gold emboss on red is appealing aesthetically, but when the light glares off embossed text it becomes difficult to read. Matt printed text, or a more contrasting colour, can help you avoid any awkward mix-ups with your own events.

Personalising envelopes to suit categories

When all the envelopes look the same it can be very easy to get muddled. Creating a different envelope design for each category could go a long way to helping handlers work out which envelope is which. Colour-coding the envelope or text according to the category, or creating individual designs or branding for each award, could have also communicated a more personal touch for the winner.

Organising envelopes instead of holding them in a stack

 One might expect an organiser to be a bit more, well, organised. Of course mistakes will happen when you’re juggling more than your hands or your head can keep up with. If individually branding your awards envelopes isn’t for you, a specially designed carrier or organiser could be the better option. A single, manageable solution could be a more affordable alternative to changing existing designs or complicating your packaging order with individual branding.

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