02-02-2017 • Encore Group, Envelopes, Packaging, Print

E Commerce and the power of packaging

Ecommerce is a booming enterprise, but often the packaging of an outlet’s products does little to inspire positive feelings towards the brand.

It’s difficult to think of ecommerce without also thinking of bland, boring cardboard boxes mummified with masking tape, which is not the image businesses want to distribute to its customers.

The package through the door is what the customer really wants. Putting more care into your packaging means your customer walks away with something physical and tangible that reinforces a positive reflection of your brand.

 Packaging is an adaptable canvas for the creative marketer, but the key concern for any ecommerce enterprise is the safety and security of its products as they are transported to the customer. Depending on the products you offer, a “one size fits all” solution may be possible – in which case, consider yourself lucky.

Those companies which sell products from the minute to the massive face the difficulty of finding a branded packaging solution flexible enough to meet its requirements. Such a company cannot rely on one size or one material to safely and securely distribute purchases to its customers; meanwhile, not every printing or branding solution is suitable for every material, or affordable for every size.

It can be easy therefore to cast off attractive packaging as a secondary concern, but while safety and security in transit remains a priority, don’t underestimate the impact of packaging upon the customer.  Colour, branding, shape and size of packaging all influence a consumer’s attitude towards your company.

We’ve all missed a delivery which demands an inconvenient trek to the post office, and what greets you there is a bland, brown bundle stuffed mostly with more packaging to protect a product that could’ve fit through the letter box quite easily on its own. Many customers will turn away from online retailers purely to avoid further inconvenience. So it’s very beneficial for ecommerce businesses to consider security, attractiveness and convenience in equal measure when it comes to its packaging.

Our integrated print and packaging services eliminate the need to build a packaging solution with services from different companies. Our mission is to help our clients’ brands outshine and outsell all their competitors on the market, whichever service they choose. The print and packaging branches of our business operate from the same site, allowing for full collaboration between departments for an efficient and affordable solution.

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